Our Mission

Madraigos Midwest supports and enhances the emotional, social and spiritual health of adolescents, young adults and their families with an array of innovative prevention and intervention programs and services. We guide, encourage and uplift youth to reach their potential – Step by Step.

When a young person feels safe, secure and accepted, can they truly thrive and accomplish all that is in their potential. At Madraigos, every individual, regardless of circumstance, feels just that. By establishing a warm, non-judgmental and safe environment, Madraigos motivates and inspires its participants to overcome their challenges and advance their life goals.

Madraigos is committed to providing the necessary resources to individuals and family’s to facilitate healthy choices and positive outcomes. In addition to the many independent services offered by Madraigos, we coordinate closely with community support systems and organizations to provide a holistic approach and broad-based solutions. Madraigos gathers all professional resources from the community to ensure our referrals will meet the needs of each individual with paramount success. We serve as an unbiased agent for the family to pair them with the most qualified, competent, and appropriate recommendation. Madraigos will remain connected throughout the journey of growth for support and guidance.