Clinical Services

Madraigos clinical services include a wide range of therapeutic intervention and prevention programs to help pre-adolescents, teens and young adults gain greater knowledge about themselves, grow to overcome their challenges and reach their potential. Professional development and individualized consultations to local schools helps equip teachers and administrators to proactively identify problems facing students and assist in finding solutions.

The Madraigos clinical staff combines broad knowledge and experience with overarching compassion and sensitivity, to provide the community with an invaluable resource.

Assessments and Referrals -

Families of teens and young adults in need of help or crisis intervention can receive an assessment and appropriate professional referrals for services and therapies. These evaluations are performed by clinicians who are profoundly attuned to the background and life circumstances of the client’s family and utilize the most current and accurate diagnostic tools available.

Case Management -

The support of our clinical team does not end once the referral is made. Throughout the therapeutic process our clinicians actively support the client and the family, working in conjunction with the referred therapist to ensure the best outcome. When formal physiological services are not required or when there is resistance to such interventions, Madraigos staff provides therapeutic mentoring to help address underlying emotional issues.

24 Hour Support Hotline - 773-478-6006

A crisis can arise at anytime. Every hour of every day there is a clinical social worker ready to answer the call of anyone in urgent need of emotional support. This critical resource saves lives and improves lives. All calls are completely confidential and callers can be sure that their issue is being handled with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism.

School-Based Prevention -

Madraigos staff develops and presents effective, cutting-edge curricula in local elementary schools to teach pre-adolescents to deal with the pressures and challenges they face. Navigating peer relations, bullying issues, exclusion and cliques, developing empathy, peer pressure, combating impulsivity and societal perceptions are some of the topics that are addressed. These workshops help students develop crucial skills to make sound life decisions and to discover, accept, and validate the person that he/she is.

Professional Development -

Teachers, principals and other community leaders are often the first line of defense in identifying and combating social and emotional deficiencies. Madraigos partners with local schools to provide guidance and resources to administration and faculty on best practices in a variety of areas facing educators today. Community leaders, such as rabbis and organizational heads, receive training and guidance appropriate for their constituencies. Topics include: identifying substance abuse, promoting social/emotional literacy, legal aspects of mandated reporting and more. Additionally, school faculty can request targeted consultations at anytime to address acute issues that students may be experiencing.