“[The Lounge is] a place for me to just be myself, to talk about the highs and lows of my week – to talk to people who ‘get it’ and care.”

--- A Lounge regular

“Thank you so much for the wonderful support group. I have gotten a lot of good tips that I implemented into my life. I gain strength from other parents' experiences and try to give support as well. I love the fact that Dr. Jerry Lob is the mediator.”

--- support group attendee

“On behalf of myself and Project Shield, I want to thank you for your presentation at our Congregation Or Torah “Protecting Our Children” conference on April 13th. Your presentation was thoughtful, well planned, and motivated the audience to think in a different way about protecting their children against abuse.”

--- Rachel Zimmerman, Project Shield Coordinator

“I liked this class a lot. I learned about what people like about me and who I really am on the inside.”


“I now understand what it feels like to be in other people shoes.”


“It helped show me to care about other people and to be nice to everyone.”

--- Arie Crown Students about school-based prevention program

“Some kids are emotionally troubled to the point where it takes more than a mentor relationship; they need to have psychotherapeutic intervention. Madraigos is capable of doing that as well in a clinically relevant way.”

--- Dr. John Conlin, clinical psychologist for the Northfield Police Dept.

“Madraigos provides a unique and critical service to our community. Their work with teens and young adults, boys and girls, continues to transform lives and bring stability to families undergoing challenges. May Hashem bless their efforts of hatzolas nefoshos – saving lives – with continued success.”

--- Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, Dayan of Agudath Israel of Illinois

“I applaud Madraigos for the proactive work they do with preadolescents to help them learn to build healthy relationships and self esteem. This is the second year that they have come to Hillel Torah to work with our Middle School students and their programs are always well received.”

--- Rabbi Menachem Linzer, Principal of Hillel Torah Day School

“Madraigos has successfully filled a void in our community. Their outstanding “Big Sister” program has had great impact on many JDBY talmidos, and students of other area day schools, providing the girls with fun, enriching and individualized relationships with an older role model. Mrs. Rachie Karesh is a pleasure to work with and we greatly appreciate her professionalism and dedication to the children of the community.”

--- Mrs. Ahuva Wainhaus, Menaheles of Joan Dachs Beis Yaakov

“I never imagined that when I volunteered to be a Big Sister that I would have gained so much from the program. I thought I was signing up for a chessed but I have found that I am growing.”

--- Big Sister

“...I wish could be back for more b-ball with you guys it was truly amazing and an awesome experience. Hopefully I’ll stop by a game or two to see u guys... Thank you guys again, it was great.”

--- 2011 MBL Player